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For the Love of Florida

Welcome to my first Blog.  Let me start by saying I am hater of teams that win all the time...unless of course they are my teams.
That said, I am going to do my best to be unbiased in my blogs.

The SEC is the best conference in College Football.  I disputed it for years, participated in heated debates, made (and lost) wagers, created mathmatical formulas to try to disprove it, and watched Ohio State drop two straight to SEC powerhouses...in a bar full of Big 10 haters.

That said, my question to the 1 or 2 people who will read this...why is everyone so in love with Florida?  Yes, they have won 2 of the last 3 national championships.  Yes they have Tim Tebow, whom many in Florida (and on ESPN and CBS) are convinced is the second coming.  Yes, they have Urban Meyer, who does nothing but win where every he goes.  Yes, they have locked down 7 of the top 50 High School Recruits for 2010.

But what have they done this year to prove they are the clear #1 team in the country?

The answer: They've gone undefeated in the SEC...I guess

But let's take a look at their accomplishments...aside from the Brandon Spikes eye-gouging fiasco.

Their schedule to date:
Sep 5     Charleston Southern    Won 62-3
Sep 12   Troy                           Won 56-6
Sep 19   Tennessee                  Won 23-13
Sep 26   @Kentucky                  Won 41-7
Oct 10    @LSU                        Won 13-3
Oct 17    Arkansas                   Won 23-20
Oct 24    @Mississippi St.          Won 29-19
Oct 31    Georgia                     Won 41-17

They have one quality win, LSU.  They have two wins over winning teams, LSU and Troy.  Are Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi St., Kentucky and Tennessee under .500 because they are in the SEC?  Maybe.  But regardless of your conference, if you lose four games at the halfway point, in my opinion, I would not consider you a quality win.

Now for the remaining schedule:
South Carolina
Florida State

One team, South Carolina, has a winning record.  FIU and Vandy are pushovers, and Florida State - their rivalry game - hasn't been good for years.

When Florida wins these four games - which they will, easily - they will play either Alabama or LSU for the SEC Championship.  And if they win out, I will be the first to say, they are the undesputed #1 team because they went undefeated in the SEC and they deserve to play for the BCS championship.  And, because Urban Meyer is a the master at gameplanning when he has 6 weeks to prepare, they will again win the BCS championship.  But today, at this point in the season, with six other undefeated teams in the mix, and several one-loss teams with more quality wins...why?

All I am saying is: At this point in the season, why is everyone - the sports writers, the announcers, the coaches who vote in the poll - so in love with the Florida Gators?
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